Completed in Class:
1. Shopping Spree

2. Vacation Time

sample student work

3. Teach Pythagorean Theorem

4. Teach Surface Area and Volume

sample student work

5. Easter Egg

6. Central Tendency, Sampling & Misleading Graphs

For a technology extension this year, I am going to assign each student one concept from the project (mean, median, mode, range, histogram, circle graph, stem and leaf, percent). They will need to create a QR code that will give a brief description of the concept. We will display them in one spot, and they will all scan the different codes.
external image img.php?s=8&

7. Teach Transformations and Changing Dimensions

8. Digital Project Menus (this is a choice board):
I have created two project menus. As I create more, I will share them.
The actual menu can be found on my wiki. It is Proportions Tic Tac Toe.
The actual menu can be found on my wiki. It is Percent Baseball.

9. CSI Math
At the beginning of the year, I did a CSI scale factor activity. I used this to create a CSI segment that I did throughout the year. Periodically, I would have CSI day. All the activities do not necessarily deal with math concepts, but they all deal with problem solving and paying attention to details. I found that the kids really liked it, and they were creating and using some great skills.

10. BizMovie: Business, Finance, & Technology
bizworld logo.jpg
Create a production company and maintain the business while creating a movie

11. Fantasy Football

Other information can be found on my wiki.

12. QR Codes
These codes can be added to any project to allow for technology to be implemented.


13. 2D and 3D figures Book
The longest part is cutting out all the figures. It would be great to have the students cut these out beforehand. This project took a full three days in my class (this includes the cutting time).
The complete project can be found at my store.

Completed at Home (small amounts of class time are given to discuss the project):
The at home projects are one per 6 weeks, starting the 2nd 6 weeks. The first big project is the Shopping Spree (see above). With this being the first one, I give them time in class to do the Internet research.
1. Sing-a-long

student work sample
Student Work sample (found on my facebook page)
2. Commercial

Student work Sample (found on my class facebook page)
3. Amazing Math Race

Complete project can be found at my store.
4. Carnival
Complete project can be found at my store.