Welcome to Middle School Math in Texas!

My name is Jamie Cook, and I currently teach 8th grade math in Gladewater, Texas. I have been teaching for the past 8 years. I love the middle school group!

I work with a great group of teachers. Several of us have compiled our thoughts, and we have presented at CAMT. Our presentations are based on things that we have done and what has worked for us. As teachers, we are always learning, and it is always great to learn things from each other. We have seen tremendous success with our students, and we want all students to share in this success. If we can offer ideas and materials that helps at least one person, then we know we have done something great!

If you have any questions please send me an email at: cookj@gladewaterisd.com. You can also find more information about what is happening in my class room on my class wiki: Mrs. Cook's Math Class. Please join my blog at Cookin' Up Fun With Middle School Math!

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To contact Mrs. Keller, please send her an email at: kellerc@gladewaterisd.com. You can find more information about what is happening in her class room on her class wiki: Mrs. Keller's class

Great wiki with many wonderful links:
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CAMT 2010

CAMT 2011

CAMT 2012

CAMT 2013

We will be presenting at CAMT 2013 in San Antonio, Texas. We will be doing one of our previous sessions and a new session. Pump It Up Through Projects focuses on project based learning in the math room. Math Rooms can be Tech Rooms shows how we use technology in the math room. We will be posting those sessions right before we present. We look forward to seeing you at CAMT. Our old sessions can be found, using the links above.

Math Rooms can be Tech Rooms: Wednesday, July 10; 10:00 - 11:00; Room 209; Session #2005

Pump it up Through Projects: Friday, July 12; 2:30 - 3;30; Room 202A; Session #2725

You may be wondering how our classes are designed. We are an aligned department, both horizontally and vertically. All of our classes are designed the same way. When a student goes from one grade to the next, the math class is still the same! We are fortunate to have a double block of math every day.

I have included a link to information pertaining to our math department.
GMS Math Department

Voki: One of the sessions at CAMT discussed vokis in the classroom. I think this will be something fun to add to the class to keep the attention of the students. It was really easy to create, and it is FREE! I embedded the voki I created. You can customize it and add your own voice!

Get a Voki now!