We will demonstrate how technology can be implemented and utilized in the math class. We will show how we use SMART boards, iPads, laptops, CPS response system, Facebook, wikis and other web 2.0 tools in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math classes. Technology is part of education, so come and get ideas as to how you can use technology in a fun way. You will walk away with many creative ideas and lessons!

In March, 2013, I did a session on Classroom 2.0 live. It discussed how I use technology in the classroom. Here is the link. You can listen to the audio recording, or you can click on the live binder to see all the links. Additional links have been added from people in the session. Click here for the information.

Class Wiki
I use my class wiki for informational and instructional purposes.
I have a section titled, "Class Entries" for links to items my students need to submit.
My students are able to submit in a variety of ways. Due to lack of technology resources, I allow plenty of time to get the items submitted.
Mrs. Cook's 8th grade math class

Digital Project Menus (found on my wiki)
The choice boards allow the students to decide what assignment they want to complete. Many of the items link to other sources. If you have access to a computer lab, this can easily be done in one or two class periods.
Proportions Tic Tac Toe
Percent Baseball

Google docs
Free site: docs.google.com
Example form used to gather information: Proportions KWL
Example form used as quiz: Solving Equations Quiz

Google Docs and Flubaroo

Online instructions: Flubaroo.com

QR Codes
QR codes can enhance any project or activity. They can also be used to direct students as to what they need to do.
Free generator (you need to create an account, but the static codes are free).

Example of qr codes being used as a matching activity: Equivalent Ratios

Example of qr codes being used to give more information: Interactive 3D figures

Example of qr codes being used in a math station: What Comes Next


Join my advanced math class with this code: 5tq99p

You will be able to see what I assign.
My students call Edmodo,"facebook for math".
You can create assignments, quizzes, and polls.
You can upload videos.
Students can turn in the assignments here.
This allows for a paperless assignment.

I have a class facebook page.
I am the only one who can post to the page.
I have students create questions and we post it on the page.
I also use it to generate interest in current projects we are working on.

I have one ipad in my classroom.
It is used to scan QR codes.
My students also use it in math stations.
Here are some apps I like and use.
Screen chomp
Student example using Screen Chomp
Three ring
You can take a picture of a student's work. You can email it to the parents and keep an electronic portfolio.
They also use it to scan a qr code to keep up with group points.

At the end of the year, I was able to get a class set of laptops.
We use these almost every day.
The students use them to complete the different questions on the wiki.
They also use them for all the projects we do. You can go to my 8th grade projects page to see all the projects we do.

CPS or other response system
Students love answering questions with a response system.
I do at least one question per day.
I print out the questions for the week using a powerpoint format. This gives them something to do the work on (I look at these at the end of the week).

Weekly Quiz Example:
The response system allows for whole class feedback on each question.
I also use this to grade weekly quizzes.

SMARTboards make a great math station.
Students can record what they do.
There are a lot of free activities on SMART Exchange.
Here is an example of an activity I created.

Contact & Texting in class
With Google voice (and a signed technology contract), students can text me answers to various questions. I have it set to receive a text message on my personal phone once a student sends me a message through google voice.
Google Voice
I have the talkatone app on my ipad for students who do not have a phone or contract.
Talkatone Ipad app